March 7, 2006

When you wish upon a star.....

Our most recent experience of raising enough money for the roof, with the help of many library friends, has helped us see that sometimes it does pay to wish big!!!

So you say, now that we are on our way to getting a new roof, what else could we possibly need?

Well the truth is the roof is just the beginning. Many other items will be needed to make those new spaces operational. Here is a list put together by Maggie:

We need screens for 7 windows and the front door. We need new doors on the 2 outbuildings. We need wooden shutters for 6 windows, wood to build a long desk & bookshelves, about 20 chairs (we could do plastic). One of the rooms we will turn into a classroom - the one with the bathroom - we need a door for the bathroom - we need 2 chalk boards (or dry erase) - we need to connect the outbuildings up to the electricity, and with electricity, we need at least 2 ceiling fans.

All these materials are available locally, and we don't recommend trying to bring them down. But on your next trip maybe you want to visit a Mexican lumber yard or hardware store? Or send a donation to Alice (details below) and specify what you'd like to donate, we'll make it happen!

Eventually we will need to repaint the newly roofed rooms, and will need help getting it all in order. those with carpentry skills could help build tables, bookshelves, doors, and ?? Let us know if you want to come get your hands dirty with HB.

Looking for something smaller to bring down? keep reading below for a list of packable items.