November 7, 2007

Holiday party gifts needed

Thinking ahead for the Xmas party (which will be held Weds, Dec. 19th in the morning):

We are usually short on gifts/toys for older kids (age 10-14), and will try to post some suggested items in the near future, but for the time being think 'big kids.' Please remember, no battery toys, it's too costly for families to replace.
For younger kids, both boys and girls like the car sets, stuffed animals (does not matter what kind), jewelry sets, bracelet/necklace/bead making kits, hair accessories kits and sets, any kind of art kit (paint by number/velvet/water-color), dolls, doll clothing, anything Dora the Explorer, kites, soccer balls, pog sets, airplanes, car kits, simple puzzles (jigsaw) coloring books with markers or crayolas, punchy balloon things, backpacks (any kind of bag to carry stuff in).

We will need things like gift bags or wrapping paper, holiday treats such as candy canes (or other candy that won't melt!!) are nice to share as well.

We always need volunteers to help with the party, the turn out is always large so the more hands the better-- we will let people know soon about the date for the party.