June 4, 2013

Wishes for Summer

Musical instruments:

--We would like to be able to provide plastic recorders (the instrument) for each of the children participating in our summer program. We will need about 50 of them!

-- Any other instruments that people have available to donate would be most welcome, especially: guitars, coronets, drums (even small hand drums), shakers (maracas!), tambourines, triangles, & other small hand instruments.

Other items needed:
--Cotton bond paper

--Bristol board or mount board 

--Play dough or other similar modeling clay

--Notebooks- graph & lined

--Small gifts/toys for children: beach toys, puzzles, coloring books, tops, action figures, small building sets, small jewelry making sets, toy cars, etc.

Kids' & small adult size clothes & shoes for our clothing bazaar fundraisers
Some suggestions: 
Things that sell well are light-to-medium weight clothing for babies, children, teens and small adults sizes (XS, S or M-- anything larger is generally too big for locals). Think summer or spring clothes. Sneakers, sandals, & flip-flops are also popular items. Please don't feel the need to go out and buy new clothes, pick stuff up at your local thrift store if you must, or canvas your neighbors for their used clothes-- help recycle clothing and help Hekab Be!