January 17, 2008

2008 wishes

here are some current needs at the library:

All these are items that can be purchased locally (meaning in Playa del Carmen) or if you'd like to donate towards a specific item, just indicate that when you make your donation.

--large plastic storage bins with tops that close tightly. we need these to store our materials without them deteriorating in the humidity or becoming bug infested. at least 6 would be great to have around.

--a ladder (at least 6 ft tall) for our many repairs and improvement projects.

--several brooms, including one for outdoor use.

--rustoleum. we have several metal shelves that were donated to the library which need to be refinished. we plan to sand and paint them and would like to spray them with rustoleum to prevent them from rusting again.

--new computers. by new we mean gently used and not too out of date CPUs. we have monitors and keyboards but all of our CPUs are out of order. battling with humidity is a constant struggle for our computers. have you just upgraded your computer and don't know what to do with your old one? consider bringing it down. or you may contact Maggie or Alice to help you locate someone else coming down who can bring it for you.

Hekab Be also still needs the following:
--gently used clothing for children and teens

--adult vhs tapes and dvd's in Spanish - for learning English, n parenting or other educational topics such as health care, do it yourself, etc......

--volunteers for other improvement projects- painting, repairs, gardening...

--and as always, donations for operating costs. We are back in high season and hope that our donations will pick up but are currently running in deficit after the holidays. Please consider giving, every little bit helps!