June 21, 2007

Summer wishlist

Some new requests for the summer program at Hekab Be:

--Spiral notebooks
--Volunteers to do science projects or other educational projects.

We also still need (see Feb 16 posting below):
--gently used clothing
--volunteers for other improvement projects
--donations for operating costs

June 12, 2007

February Wishlist is still current

While wandering around on loco gringo we noticed some people asking for the most current library Wishlist.
Please note that we do *not* update the wishlist every month simply because our needs do not change that often. So even though this last list was posted in February, it is still up to date.
Check back in the near future as we may post again soon with a new wishlist related to our upcoming summer school program needs.
And thanks to all of you who work so hard to make sure you bring what the library needs! We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate it!!

--> Please note our donation information has been moved to another page. Please click on the link to the left "Hekab Be Donation Site" to access that page.