January 20, 2016

Winter Wish List

Here are some items the library needs for projects with the kids:

-Colored pencils
-Scotch tape
-Colored tape or duct tape with designs for art/craft projects
-Washable tempera paints (large/liter size bottles are good)
-White glue (large bottles are good)
-Washable markers
-Durable pencil sharpeners (metal ones are better than plastic)
-Child size scissors with blunt tips
-String/thread for making necklaces

-Gently used, light weight clothing for our fundraiser bazaars:
Any infant or child's clothing is a big hit. Also smaller size adult clothing (size S, M or L--
XL and bigger don't sell well). Shoes, athletic gear (cleats, shin guards, ballet shoes/clothes), jeans. Nothing heavier than sweatshirt or light fleece weight jackets or pants.

Questions? Email us: akumallibrary@gmail.com