December 23, 2015

Thank you to everyone who donated gifts for the children!

You helped make many wishes come true, and we couldn't have done it without you!! Wishing you Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!
(Please check back in January for an updated Wish List)

December 8, 2015

Holiday Wish List: Updated 12/8/15

Every holiday season, Hekab Be puts on a HUGE holiday party and invites the townspeople to come and celebrate. And every year, we have somewhere over 100 people attend, and no child leaves empty-handed!
Please help us make sure we can be successful yet again this year. Regular library patrons who are children are asked what they would like from Santa (yes, we really do have a Santa come each year).
Here is their list:

--Monster High doll (3)
-- Frozen doll (Elsa) (4)
--Mermaid doll
--Children's paint/art set
--Imaginex dinosaur
--Toy train set
--Hotwheels cars/track (3)
--Remote control car (2)
--Mini speaker set to connect to phone or mp3 player (4)
--Batman & Robin action figures
--Iron man & Flash action figures
--Spiderman action figure
_-Marvel super heroes action figures set
--Soccer ball (5)
--Clothing for 4 year old boy 
--Makeup kit (2)

We also need smaller gifts to give to other children, such as: stuffed animals, beading kits, puzzles, drawing sets (coloring book w/markers or crayons), really anything you think a child would love, we'll find a home for it!

September 9, 2015

Fall Wish List 2015

Here are some items we'd need to restock our supplies after the summer:

--White paper
--Colored pencils
--Glue (Liquid white glue in large bottles)
--Paint (water based, in large bottles if possible)
--Hand held Pencil Sharpeners
--Colored paper
--Silicone glue
--Art materials

Items for our fundraiser bazaars:
- Gently used clothing for children and adults
- Gently used shoes for children and adults
- Gently used housewares and other items such as suitcases, kitchen items, etc.

March 2, 2015

Wish List March 2015

Please remember that the library runs on a tiny budget, funded entirely by the donations of our wonderful supporters. Hekab Be does not receive any government or other funding and virtually all of our programs are provided to local children and families free of cost.

Please consider making a monetary donation instead of bringing supplies, as this is truly what our little library needs most to stay open. Donations can be made on our main blog page: or by clicking HERE


 Water based paint in large bottles

 Liquid glue in large bottles


Learning games and toys for monthly prizes



Shoes: sneakers and sandals  for kids from 3 to 15 year old

Hats (for outside activities)

Organic/environmentally friendly sunscreen (safe to use in water)

Organic/environmentally friendly bug spray








Pencil sharpeners

January 29, 2015

Items needed for Bazaar fundraiser!

We are planning to do another bazaar in February and still need items! Cleaning out your closets? Need to reduce the clutter in the new year? Please bring your gently used clothing, shoes and household items to Hekab Be. 

Our fundraiser bazaars are wildly popular and a great way for the local residents to obtain needed clothes and other items at affordable prices.

We kindly ask that you refrain from bringing badly worn, stained, torn clothes and household items that are broken.

Thank you for your support!

January 10, 2015

Hekab Be Winter 2015 Wish List


Water based paint in large bottles

Aprons for art projects

Liquid glue in large bottles

Notebooks with lined paper

Dry erase markers

Art paper

Items for making crafts

Children’s scissors with safety tip


Small games and toys for monthly prizes (examples: card games, small balls, bubble kits, character-themed pencils, pens, etc., small stuffed animals)

Gently used digital cameras

Large floor puzzles

Children’s snorkel masks and tubes

Swim goggles


Gently used clothing for children and adults
Gently used shoes for children and adults
Gently used housewares and other items such as suitcases, kitchen items, etc.