June 5, 2008

Summer program wishlist

Here are some things we will need for our upcoming summer program:

--prizes for the "best reader" competitions, we are hoping to give one to a girl and one to a boy in each group (ages 5-7; 8-11, 12 and up). These would be bigger our than usual prizes, such as nice backpacks or other things the kids can use to go back to

--Monetary donations to help us pay our additional staff for the summer program and to pay for the party at the end of the course (food & pinatas)

For the children's circus we will need the following:
--Instruments (all kinds except keyboards): we need instruments that the kids can really play, so either very durable (and good sounding) toy instruments, or else real (but kid sized) instruments that are inexpensive. Suggestions: drums, recorders, harmonicas, maracas, ukuleles...

--gently used Halloween costumes, that will fit kids ages 5-14 (with more of the smaller sizes) especially clown, ballerina & animal costumes. Please remember that it's very hot here in August, so nothing too thick or heavy.

--animal print fabrics to make costumes, again nothing too heavy weight. we need at least 3-5 yards of any one materials so that there is enough to make a child's costume

--for the circus MC: one black top hat and one black dinner jacket (men's size small)

--nontoxic costume makeup

--circus props and costumes items (juggling equipment, clowns noses/wigs/shoes, gag toys, anything you have around the house that could be used as a circus prop!)