September 26, 2008

Low season library needs

We will be holding another clothing bazaar November 1 so if you're coming down and looking to clean out a few closets, we'd be happy to get your old clothes, especially kids' stuff!

Our most popular item is clothing for kids.
But here's a longer list of things:
--gently used clothing, especially newborn & youth sizes, or small adult sizes, LIGHT clothing-shorts, t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits, camis, flip-flops, sneakers, ball caps, sun hats, umbrellas, any trendy clothes - Old Navy, Circo, Gap... Light SHORT skirts - the long ones for Gringas are too long for our locals.

--old but still functional electronics such as radios, CD players or small stereo components, DVD players [as long as these items are used (not new) & packed in luggage (rather than in their original boxes) it should not be any problem to bring them into the country]

--used but still functional household items such as light weight linens, sheets or towels, curtains, anything that is in good condition and you think could be used by another family.

Other needs:
--Right now we are in dire need of cash donations to help us keep our staff paid and electricity on during the low season when visitors are scarce. For more information on how to donate, see our donation blog:

--We need new tables and chairs for the main library, the ones we have are old and falling apart. These would obviously have to be purchased locally. We are looking for 2 sturdy card- tables, either wood or durable plastic (the plastic furniture for outdoors simply won't hold up with all the use they get in the library) and accompanying chairs.

--We need new doors for our annex building, as the ones we have now are not sturdy enough. We are looking for heavy/solid wood doors or steel doors that have a frame, as well as assistance in hanging them.

--Used DVDs in English or Spanish

--Used computers with flat screens or CPUs. Maybe your business or school district has just upgraded their machines and is looking for a place to donate the old ones? Anything running Windows XP or higher would be a welcome addition, as most of our equipment is quite outdated.

--The only school supplies we need are:
-pencil sharpeners and erasers
-washable (water based) poster paints, in large sizes (like the 1 liter size bottles)
- poster size paper (either posterboard or heavy paper, not newsprint)
-coloring books
- children's workbooks that have connect the dots, mazes, word finds (in Spanish), ABCs (in Spanish) or simple math excercises.
Well loves themes for the coloring/work books are Spiderman and Disney characters.

Have a question about a certain item? Email us at: