October 26, 2007

NEW -Sponsor/Donor of the Month!

Beginning this month we will be recognizing on a bimonthly basis- donors and Sponsors who have given so much of themselves and their time to help the Hekab Be Biblioteca de Akumal.

I planned to begin doing this early this year, but a lot of work and maybe some procrastination.... as they say "better late than never".

It is Sponsors like Terri Gerhardt (and her husband Dave) that keep this library alive and functioning!

Please read a profile about Terri below.

Terri G.
*born and raised in Edmonton Alberta Canada [not British Columbia..]
*I have 2 daughters and a son from a previous marriage..29,23 and 21 years of age..
*I have been with Canada Safeway since 1974
*Married to my best friend Dave in 1997
*Diagnosed with breast cancer 1998..double mastectomy
*recurrance in 1999... radiation
*cancer-free since !!!!!
*discovered Akumal in April 2005 and locogringo sept'05
*Learned of the library's plight there after Emily and Wilma had wreaked their havoc! !
* I attended the La Buena Vida party 11/12/05 and Red Deer Alberta fundraiser one week later..to raise funds for Hekab..
*purchased silent auction items from LG parties in Ontario and Chicago as I cannot attend ALL the parties, contrary to popular beliefs !!!!
*Visited Akumal again in March- April '06 and organized another Hekab fundraiser...
*again in July '06 and most recently January '07

as a two-time survivor I try to equate myself to the little library..it too is a two-time survivor..so let's do what we can together !!

PLEASE NOTE: Terri recently found out that her cancer has returned and she is vigorously fighting it- once again! Once again she will beat it! Please keep Terri in your thoughts and prayers

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