August 28, 2008

Used clothing, electronics & household items needed for fundraisers

Our last bazaar was a big success thanks to everyone who donated items. We are hoping to continue doing these fundraisers on a regular monthly or bi-monthly basis, so keep bringing your wonderful used things!

We are currently gathering up items for a yard sale/bazaar to benefit the library. The clothing that our wonderful supporters donate are sold at very reasonable rates (yard/garage sale prices). This provides an outlet for local townspeople to buy items they need at reasonable prices and gives them access to things that are not readily available in stores here. (Please note that if you donated clothing at the library and asked that it be given to needy families, we do *not* include those in our sales, we find families who can make the best use of it).

These bazaars are extremely popular among the town residents, who are always asking Maggie when the next one will be. The answer is always: "When we gather up enough stuff to hold the next sale!"

Due to the success we've had with the sale of clothing, we are expanding to include other items.
Donated items could include:

--gently used clothing, especially newborn & youth sizes, or small adult sizes,LIGHT clothing-shorts, t-shirts, camis, flip-flops, ball caps, sun hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, any trendy clothes - Old Navy, Abercrombie, Gap... Light SHORT skirts - the long ones for Gringas are too long for our locals.
--old but still functional electronics such as radios, cd/tape players or small stereo components, dvd or vhs players [as long as these items are used (not new) & packed in luggage (rather than in their original boxes) it should not be any problem to bring them into the country]
--used but still functional household items such as kitchenware, small kitchen appliances (toasters, coffee pots, blenders, microwaves), pots & pans, bakeware, small lamps, tupperware stuff, plastic (durable) plates and cups, decorative items, light weight linens, sheets or towels, curtains, anything that is in good condition and you think could be used by another family.

If you have questions about whether a certain item would be useful here or not, email us:

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