April 7, 2008

Honored library supporters

Library friends, old and new, are the people who keep Hekab Be going. Here we honor
the Oakleys and the Ratliffs.
Deborah & Bruce Oakley are long-time library supporters who have faithfully and generously supported the library for the past 10 years. Most recently they helped organize the inauguration of a new library collection: the Fred Groves Memorial Collection. HB is very proud of having the honor to house this collection. Fred Groves was a long time resident of Tankah and through the generosity of his widow and the assistance of Deborah and Bruce Oakley, the library now has a fine collection of books on alternative energy sources.

Deobrah (far right in white shirt) and other library friends from Tankah enjoy some smiles and snacks with the kids during the inauguration of the Fred Groves' collection

Bruce (front center, sitting cross-legged), Tankah friends and the library gang take a moment to memorialize the inauguration event.

Paul & Babs Ratliff are newer library friends, who have put in a lot of time & energy to help keep things in running order around the library by working on building improvements. Most recently they organized the LG toolbox project so that volunteers have what they need to help HB keep things running, and with the help of Babs' sister and brother-in-law, rewired the electricity in the HB annex buildings.

Here's a a brief bio from Paul aka Badger:
My name is Paul (Badger on Locogringo) my wife's name is Babs.
Our first visit to Akumal was in January of 2006 where we met Gary B (Shapeshifter), who was the first person to tell us about the Library and encouraged us to stop by and introduce ourselves to Maggie.
I am a contractor and able to do carpentry, wiring, plumbing, etc., so together with my wife we try to find a project or two to work on at the library whenever we vacation in Akumal.As anyone who has volunteered at the Library can tell you, the work is very rewarding and greatly appreciated.

Badger hard at work making repairs at HB

Badger & Maggie enjoying some down time at the Pescador

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