February 6, 2009

Things the library needs-- 2009

>>Desperately seeking the donation of some bookcases! We have over-run our shelf space with all the wonderful book donations we've received and simply have no more space for them.

>>Furniture for the main library building. We need 1-2 card-sized tables & chairs to go with them. These need to be made out of wood or something sturdy, plastic won't hold up with all the wear and tear our furniture gets.

>>We are still seeking donations of used/recycled heavy wood doors to put on our annex building

>>Cash donations to help us pay our devoted staff and other operating expenses.

>>Volunteers for:
-- repairs, gardening, computer upkeep, etc. We always have odd jobs from the small to the large that need to be done
--working with the kids: teaching, doing arts & crafts, just about anything you'd like to organize to do with the kids at the library

>>4 laptop locks

>>1 black toner cartridge, number 12A for an HP 1020 laserjet

>>Items for our fabulously popular clothing bazaar fund-raisers. We are having bazaars about every other month, so if you're coming down and looking to clean out a few closets, we'd be happy to get your gently used clothes!

Our most popular item is clothing for kids. SMALL adult sizes (small or medium) sell best. Anything XL or larger is simply too big for the locals who frequent the bazaars.
Other items we sell well:
--anything for infants or youth sizes, or small adult sizes, LIGHT clothing-shorts, t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits, camis, flip-flops, sneakers, b-ball caps, sun hats, umbrellas, any trendy clothes - Old Navy, Circo, Gap... Light SHORT skirts - the long ones for Gringas are too long for our locals.

Questions? Email us: akumallibrary@gmail.com

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Cindy said...

My husband and I will be vacationing at ABR the last week of January. I was thinking about making book totes for the children. What do you think? Approximately how many children use the library this time of year? Please let me know ASAP so I can start sewing.
Cindy Kutz