June 3, 2009

Items needed for summer program

We just checked our supplies and here are some things that will be needed for the summer program:
-->School supplies: pencils, markers, paper (loose sheets of printer paper & drawing paper, pads of lined paper, preferably with wide lines for children learning how to write).

-->Dry-erase white board easels: 1-2 aluminum stand/easel for a dry-erase white board, to prop it up on. We use these for instruction.

--> Costumes, particularly anything pertaining to circus themes, as we will be repeating our children's circus finale to the summer program again this year. Suggested costumes would be clowns, ballerinas, animals, preferably nothing too commercial (no tv or movie characters).

>>Cash donations to help us pay our devoted staff and other operating expenses. Please consider giving what you might otherwise spend on toys or other items to donate. Without actual money we can't keep the library open.

>>Interior and exterior paint. We are due for a facelift. We need about 10 gallons of blue exterior paint and 3 gallons each of interior paint in the following colors: yellow, orange and white.

>>We are still seeking donations of used/recycled heavy wood doors to put on our annex building

>>Volunteers for:
-- repairs, gardening, computer upkeep, etc. We always have odd jobs from the small to the large that need to be done
--working with the kids: teaching, doing arts & crafts, just about anything you'd like to organize to do with the kids at the library

>> toys to use for prizes for our after-school reading program:
please remember, NO broken toys, NO big toys (no room in crowded homes), NO toys or games that require knowledge of English, and NO toys that need batteries (no money to replace them).
some suggested toy items:
Ball caps, sunglasses, backpacks, cool notebooks. binders or folders, frisbees, jump ropes,
toy car sets, stuffed animals (does not matter what kind), jewelry-making sets, bracelet/necklace/bead making kits, hair accessories kits and sets, any kind of art kit (paint by number/velvet/water-color), dolls, doll clothing, anything Dora the Explorer or Diego the Animal rescuer, kites, soccer balls, pog sets, airplanes, toy car kits, simple puzzles (jigsaw), coloring books, punchy balloon things, any kind of tote bag or backpack.

>>puzzles for younger kids (200 pieces or less) and board games in Spanish (locals and visitors alike enjoy using these items, especially on rainy days! )
We have quite a few 500 piece puzzles, but these are too challenging for the kids. Puzzles with larger pieces, and especially floor puzzles are well-liked.

>>Items for our fabulously popular clothing bazaar fund-raisers. We are having bazaars about every other month, so if you're coming down and looking to clean out a few closets, we'd be happy to get your gently used clothes!

Our most popular item is clothing for kids. Small or medium adult sizes also sell well. Anything XL or larger is simply too big for the locals who come to the bazaars.
Other items we sell well:
--anything for infants or youth sizes, or small adult sizes, LIGHT clothing-shorts, t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits, camis, flip-flops, sneakers, b-ball caps, sun hats, umbrellas, any trendy clothes - Old Navy, Circo, Gap... Light SHORT skirts - long ones are too long for locals.

Questions? Email us: akumallibrary@gmail.com

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