September 6, 2013

Fall 2013 Wish List

Musical Instruments
Electric piano keyboard, guitars, tambourines, trumpets, any other small instruments, sheet music.  
Items for a Bazaar or “Beach Sale”
Household goods, decorative items, clothes in all sizes but mostly for children and adult small, shoes (clearance flip flops are perfect!), sports items.
Art Supplies
Colored and white yarn, colored embroidery thread, plain bags and other items for embroidering, needles, embroidery hoops, craft sticks plain and colored, posterboard, clear plastic sheets for protecting papers and making stencils, plastilina or clay (NOT playdough), balloons, thick colored paper, scrapbook paper, decorated paper for projects, scotch tape, fishing line, glitter, pipe cleaners, paper and Styrofoam plates, glass jars with lids, shoe polish, dried beans, corn, and lentils, liquid glue (not glue sticks), food coloring.
School Supplies
Scissors for children, notebooks for children to work in (not with too many pages; more like a workbook), erasers, colored pencils, washable markers, old magazines and newspapers.
Office,Teacher and Maintenance Supplies
Exacto knives, dry erase markers and erasers, white bond/copy paper, nails, light bulbs, sealant/paint for the ceilings, printer ink HP 21 and HP 22, cork boards, 
Items for the Children
Sports items such as footballs, soccer balls, cones, volleyball net, ping pong balls, baseball gloves. Coloring books, puzzles, small prizes and gifts (games for boys and girls, small items).

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Unknown said...

Hi. I am a retired teacher from Canada and will be coming down in November. Is it cheaper to buy supplies there or bring them along? I was a music teacher and regular classroom teacher of Grades 6 to 8 including French. Can we volunteer to read with kids etc.?