July 3, 2014

Wish List - Summer 2014

- Yoga mats
- Large floor puzzles
- Gently used digital cameras
- Small games and toys for monthly prizes for the children
- Gently used group games (with all pieces intact); for example, Monopoly, Connect Four, etc.
- Wood puzzles for preschool children
- Interlocking foam pieces for floor covering
- Pillows or cushions for reading area
- Carpet squares
- Small and medium dry erase boards
- Dry erase boards and markers
- Chalk and erasers
- Gently used floor fans
- Ziploc bags
- Gently used clothing for children and adults
- Gently used shoes for children and adults
- Gently used soccer cleats in all sizes
- Paper towel dispenser for the bathroom
- Notebooks in all sizes (50-200 pages with lined paper)
- Glue in bottles
- Zippered pencil cases
- Backpacks

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