June 15, 2016

Summer Wish List - Help Replenish Our School Supplies!

We are in need of the following items for our summer program & to provide supplies to children who need them when they go back to school in the fall. Unfortunately, someone broke in and stole many of our supplies, so we are hoping to re-stock in the next few months. Please bring some if you can on your next trip!

-Scotch tape
-White school glue (large bottles are good- glue sticks tend to dry out)
-Washable markers
-Durable pencil sharpeners (metal ones are better than plastic)
-String/thread for making necklaces
- Pencils
-Colored pencils
-Scissors (round tip, child-size preferred)
-Paint Brushes
-Clay, Play Dough
-White Paper
-Art Paint (water-based tempera, watercolors, etc.)
-Beads for making jewelry
-Coloring books
-Colored tape or duct tape with designs for art/craft projects

-Gently used, light weight clothing for our fundraiser bazaars:
Any infant or child's clothing is a big hit. Also smaller size adult clothing or shoes (size S, M or L- anything larger than XL doesn't sell well). Shoes, athletic gear (cleats, shin guards, ballet shoes/clothes), jeans. Nothing heavier than sweatshirt or light fleece weight jackets or pants.

Questions? Email us: akumallibrary@gmail.com
Or send us a PM on facebook

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Mama said...

Hi there!! My husband and I and our two youngest kids (ages 4 and 7) will be visiting the area from April 10 - 17. We would like to visit the library and to bring a few items from the wish list to donate. Just wondering what day and time might be best for a visit?